My Child’s Front Tooth Was Accidentally Knocked Out! What Do I Do?

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Depending on the age of your child and whether the tooth is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth, your response may vary somewhat. But being prepared is extremely important – although most parents are not trained for a dental emergency, there are steps you can take to manage this situation for a positive result.

If a baby tooth is dislodged, and your child was nearing the time when the tooth would normally come out, you should calm your child, stop any bleeding by placing cotton or gauze in place, and call your family dentist for an exam to make sure there was no other trauma resulting from tooth loss.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, your reaction requires a rapid response. First of all, do not attempt to remove tissue off the tooth; be careful not to touch the roots of the tooth; and try to replace the tooth in the socket. If you can do this, the tooth should be held in place as you get to your dentist right away. If the tooth cannot be replaced, it should be put in a glass of milk (or Save-A-Tooth solution) until you arrive at the dental office.

This is where preparation makes all the difference. Always have the name and number of your family dentist readily available; have a phone handy to make the call; and transportation to the dentist office is needed.

Remain calm … if you are panicked, your child will likely respond in kind. A quick response is required. If the patient is treated within an hour, chances are good that the tooth may be saved. If a tooth is knocked out at night or on the weekend (outside of normal dental office hours), and your dentist offers emergency after hours care, your family dentist will meet with you to treat your child.

Time is of the essence; if you are unable to reach your dental provider, and your child is injured, proceed to your nearest hospital emergency room. They will be able to treat any trauma your child may have experienced in connection to the lost tooth.

Hopefully the tooth will be saved, but if not, your child will require some type of prosthesis to be placed. Our family dentist will discuss your options with you so contact our team for more tips today.