Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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Excellent oral health is a major contributor for overall good health. What may seem like a small dental symptom can escalate into a major problem that can be costly and time consuming to fix. Some oral health symptoms that demand attention include:


Pain is to be considered a warning. It usually signifies there is a problem that demands immediate attention. A toothache, jaw or facial discomfort, or any ongoing pain calls for investigation.

Gum Issues

Healthy gum tissue is pink and firm. Swollen, red, or bleeding gums can indicate the onset of gingivitis. See your dentist right away.

If your gums bleed only when you brush, you may be using the wrong tools and/or technique. You should be using a soft bristle toothbrush; you don’t need to scrub your teeth to achieve a good result. Even pressure reaching all tooth and gum surfaces is recommended.

Chronic Bad Breath

Certain foods and beverages can lead to bad breath; however, when the condition remains no matter what you try, you could be dealing with infection or the onset of gum disease.


If you have incurred some type of trauma, you might experience swelling; apply an ice pack. However, if your jaw or face is swollen, this could mean you are dealing with infection or an abscess. Seek treatment right away.

Failure to act on signs of a potential problem usually result in an escalation of the condition. Signs of gingivitis can lead to the onset of periodontitis. Early correction can prevent the possible need for root planing and scaling or periodontal surgery.

Severe gum disease can lead to teeth feeling loose or appearing to pull away from gum tissue. At this stage, the patient is at risk for tooth loss. Immediate treatment is needed.

There are several reasons why maintaining good oral health is so important. Research has proven that oral health and overall health are closely linked; taking good care of teeth and gums might contribute to better overall health.

Failure to take good care of teeth and gums can lead to tooth loss. In addition to neglect, tobacco use and failure to maintain regularly scheduled dental appointments can lead to dental problems.

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