Can Crowns Improve the Appearance of Natural Teeth?

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April 18, 2018
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Dental crowns are the appropriate response to many dental problems. They can be used to enhance a patient’s appearance when teeth are cracked or chipped. Or perhaps there are teeth that have been weakened due to decay … dental crowns made from porcelain are beautiful and functional. A consultation with your dentist will reveal if one or more dental crowns would improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

There are numerous dental conditions where dental crowns would be the appropriate treatment such as:

Deep decay – If trying to fill a decayed tooth would risk fracturing the tooth, your dentist may recommend a dental crown.

Cracked or fractured tooth – Saving the base of the tooth is usually a much better option than extraction of the tooth. Keeping the base in place prevents the need for some kind of tooth replacement like a bridge, partial, or dental implant (costly and time consuming solutions).

Abutments for a dental prosthesis – If you should require some type of tooth replacement, your dentist may recommend putting crowns on abutment teeth to facilitate attaching a bridge.

If tooth loss should occur and the patient is looking for a solution that most closely appears and functions like their natural teeth, they may select a dental implant to restore lost dentition. A dental implant is a titanium post that is embedded in gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred.

A healing period follows allowing jawbone to fuse to the implant; once healed, a crown is cemented to the dental implant.

Dental crowns have other uses as well such as the means to seal a tooth following endodontic therapy (root canal). A root canal requires an access point to be drilled into the tooth, the contents of the root canals removed and then the opening must be sealed (usually with a crown).

Dental crowns made from porcelain are fabricated to match neighboring untreated teeth in size, shape, and color making crowned teeth virtually undetectable. The porcelain used in making crowns is strong and stain resistant; patients are made aware that porcelain will not respond to attempts to whiten so if the patient wishes to whiten it should be completed before crowns are made.

Caring for teeth treated with dental crowns requires nothing special. Brush, floss, and visit your dentist every six months … the same treatment required for all your teeth! Discover what else a dental crown can do by calling our office at Towson Dental Care today!