Considering Dentures: What are the first steps?

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The loss of one or more teeth can have a devastating impact on your day to day life. Your dentist shares your concerns and will review your options, answer questions, and advise you based on your needs.

Initial Questions About Dentures

A treatment plan will be outlined … things to keep in mind when considering dentures include your dental health, your timeline to have the work completed, and how much of an investment you wish to make.

What type of denture is needed? How many teeth are to be included in the denture? A partial denture is ideal when a few teeth are missing. If all your teeth have been lost in the top or bottom arch, a complete denture is required.

How much daily involvement are you willing to do? For example, with a fixed denture, abutment teeth can be used to provide a means to permanently affix a partial denture in place. Another option is a removable denture. It will be made using some type of clasp to attach the denture.

So first questions may involve dental health, fixed or removable, and how much time and investment are you wishing to make?

Manage Your Expectations

A denture is going to allow you to replace missing teeth, but there will be some adjustments needed as well.

Initially speech patterns and the ability to chew may seem a little challenging. But like anything else, a little practice will help to overcome these issues.

Practice speaking in front of a mirror or sing in the shower to get used to your new denture. You may experience more saliva production, but that should subside. Eat a soft diet initially as you adjust to your dentition eventually graduating to a more normal diet.

Your dentist anticipates the possible need for adjustments to your dentures. Never attempt to “tweak” on your own.

Develop a regimen to care for your dentures. Form an area that will allow you to safely remove, clean, and store your dentures.

Your dentures are a fabulous tool to help you chew, speak, and smile without embarrassment. Take great care of your denture and remaining biological teeth … brush and floss daily, and visit our team at Towson Dental Care as often as recommended for cleaning and dental exam.