How Long Will My Dentures Last?

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November 19, 2017
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If you have missing teeth, you may be considering dentures to replace them. Today’s dentures are made with much higher precision than ever, and are more realistic-looking and more comfortable. The materials used to make dentures are strong and durable, which means your dentures will last ten years or more.

Dentures and Durability

Dentures are made of special materials that are chosen for their realistic appearance and their long-term durability. The prosthetic teeth in your denture are generally made from porcelain. The base of the dentures, which matches the color of your gums, is made from special plastics. Dentures also have a soft lining that rests against your gums.

Over time, your dentures will experience wear and tear, and you might have to have them repaired, relined, or replaced. Brand-new dentures often stay in position without the use of adhesives, but over time they become looser and less secure. This usually occurs as a result of bone atrophy, which changes the shape of your jawbone. As you wear your dentures, they’ll also experience wear and tear as you bite and chew. The porcelain that makes up your new teeth can chip, crack, or break, requiring repairs. These repairs can generally be made without requiring a new denture.

How Do I Know I Need New Dentures?

If you are experiencing discomfort related to your dentures, consult with your dentist to see if you need to have them repaired, relined, or possibly even replaced. Some indications you might need new dentures include:

  • Persistent discomfort in the gums under the denture
  • Development of sores, lesions, or blisters under the denture
  • Dentures no longer remain stationary

If your dentures feel loose or appear to be causing sores in your mouth, you might just need to have them relined. This involves removing the portion of the denture that lies on your gums and having it replaced. Relining is a more common repair than completely remaking the denture. However, you will probably need to have a new denture made periodically due to long-term wear and tear.

If you’re concerned or have questions, contact our caring and knowledgeable team today.