Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

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August 20, 2018
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Adult tooth loss can be devastating. It can affect self-confidence, your diet and even your attitude. Whether teeth are lost due to trauma, decay or disease the result can be massive lifestyle changes to accommodate living without teeth.

A great smile and teeth to eat and speak with is not an outrageous request. A set of custom dentures can make it possible. Custom dentures will represent your style, your personality and even your physical build.

Advantages of Custom Dentures

Today’s dentures have many advantages over their predecessors. They look more natural and are more aesthetically pleasing. Custom dentures will also fit better so they will be more comfortable to wear. Before fabricating your dentures, the dentist will take time to study your needs. Even the artificial gum tissue which surrounds your prosthetic teeth will be textured and shaded to match the tissues in your oral cavity.

Patient Input

Custom dentures allow the patient to have more input into their design. Patients can whiten the shade of their teeth or correct small flaws such as slightly gapped or crooked teeth. Patients work closely with the dentist to design their new personalized appliance. Dentures are a cost-effective restorative option which gives patients their smile and confidence back.

A Tailored Fit

All dentures require a small adjustment period. Patients must get used to eating and speaking with their new appliance. They must also learn to care for their new dentures. Since dentures are made specifically for each unique individual, this adjustment period is typically shorter.

If you have been told you need dentures, or you are dealing with adult tooth loss, make an appointment with our team at Towson Dental Care. We can help you explore your options and see if custom dentures will benefit you. Adult tooth loss is permanent but there are options to restore your beautiful smile.