When is a tooth extraction recommended?

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Whenever possible, saving a biological tooth is usually recommended. But there are situations when that is no longer an option, so your dentist will consult with you regarding your choices.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Third molars are the teeth that come in last; in some individuals, they remain imbedded in gum tissue. These are impacted wisdom teeth. Many patients can go through their lifetime and never experience a problem with these teeth. However, when one or more (we generally get four) of these third molars erupt, they can create overcrowding pushing teeth resulting in a malocclusion.

In an effort to prevent this, your dentist may recommend extracting one or all of these third molars. This is a treatment option that merits discussion; but keep in mind that a malocclusion (a condition where the upper teeth and lower teeth are no longer properly aligned) can lead to problems such as crooked teeth creating areas where plaque can build. Plaque formation can lead to decay and the onset of gum disease. And crooked teeth can ruin your smile.

Third molars that can’t erupt properly can lead to areas difficult to clean leading to possible infection and discomfort. For impacted or partially impacted third molar extraction, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon.

Another situation that may require extraction of a tooth is when the roots of the tooth have been damaged beyond repair. If this occurs, correction with root canal therapy and a dental crown may no longer be an option and the tooth is removed.

What Is the Best Choice? 

Every situation is different; you should rely on your dentist for the best treatment option for you. In most cases, saving a biological tooth is usually recommended. But if a tooth is unable to be restored due to decay, disease, or trauma removing the tooth may be inevitable.

With the exception of third molars, your dentist may advise taking the most conservative treatment option available. A dental crown may be appropriate to treat a tooth that is decayed or one that has fractured.

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